We Compare Spring 2017 Dresses

Compare Spring 2017 Dresses
Dresses or Jumpsuits for Spring 2017?

Today we Compare Spring 2017 Dresses from three premium outlets.

All are famous for their quality and designs but are they offering anything new for Spring 2017 or just a re-hash of their old designs?

By analysing our sales for the last quarter of 2016, we have chosen our three most popular premium dress suppliers as voted by your shopping styles.

These are;

  • Roland Mouret
  • Phase Eight
  • Gorgeous Couture

First a brief “get to know us” for each supplier.

Roland Mouret has offered high end dress designs for ladies for more than 10 years. Ladies with a bigger budget who put emphasis on quality, style and exquisite fit appreciate that you only get what you pay for.

Look at a Roland Mouret dress as an investment piece.

Phase Eight has been supplying superb and affordable dresses since the late 1970s. Their business model is to supply feminine styles, colours and fabrics within a medium to high price range.

Gorgeous Couture appreciate that 49% of women cannot get a dress to fit perfectly so they offer made to measure dresses in elegant designs, sumptuous fabrics at prices that may surprise you considering you get a perfectly fitted dress just for your figure.

So who is pushing what styles and colours this Spring and what can abiento customers expect to pay?

Roland Mouret (££££) appears to us to be leaning towards block colours in off the shoulder, knee length designs. They have recently run an offer on their Satin Statement Collection which to us hints that this Monochrome style maybe on its way out of style for 2017, or else why have them on offer?

Off the shoulder Roland Mouret Dress in blue
Hark back to the simple and pure dress designs of the 1950s

Roland Mouret always sticks to his principles of making the very best of the female form when he designs his new dress styles and 2017 is no different.

Just looking at the off the shoulder designs, they accentuate the feminine lines of a lady’s neck and shoulders harking back to the 1950s styles of Audrey Hepburn.

We think if you are looking for an investment piece dress for a special occasion or a wedding, these styles are definitely worth the price.

Phase Eight (££) appear to be trying to cover all bases in 2017.

Their “new arrivals” dresses are a mixture of cap sleeve dresses, sleeveless pinafore style dresses and long sleeve dresses, all in a variety of colours and detailing.

phase eight offer a wide choice of dress styles
More variety is the theme for Phase Eight dresses for Spring 2017

We feel they are casting the design net wider than Roland Mouret most probably due to their customer base being much more diverse.

In a way, Phase Eight are saying, we won`t try and tell you what you should be wearing for Spring 2017, but here are a few ideas for you to consider.

We think this is no bad thing as how many times have we all seen some poor lady in a dress that although maybe the style to have at the time, is totally unsuitable for either her figure, height or both.

We think it is always best to buy a dress that suits you, not just because it is in fashion so we applaud Phase Eight for offering you the choice.

Finally, Gorgeous Couture (£££).

They definitely seem to be along the same lines as Roland Mouret with off the shoulder in either symmetrical designs or a-symmetrical dress designs.

Single off the shoulder or fully off the shoulder dresses are the main themes here, although they are playing the safety card by offering some long sleeved dresses.

made to measure evening dresses
Will long sleeved dresses buck the trend in 2017?

There is also a lack of fussiness with their dresses for 2017 again mirroring Roland Mouret. There are very few, if any, stripes or intricate stitching, just pure, clean lines and block colours.

With their made to measure service you will be able to select and have your dress manufactured so it fits you and only you, perfectly.

So which of these three dress designers will be a hit for spring 2017?

We are throwing our hat in the ring with Roland Mouret and  Gorgeous Couture and saying the dress style to have this Spring is an off the shoulder, block coloured, knee length dress.

Certainly you need to appreciate that this is just a snapshot of three dress suppliers but as Meatloaf once sang, “Two out of three aint bad”.



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