Petite designer work wear for women. Our image shows two petite ladies. The lady on the left is wearing a long black silk top style dress and dark blue jeans with grey patent leather slip on elasticated ankle boots and the other lady on the right is wearing a petite black and white patterned shift dress with a faux fur waistcoat. She is also wearing knee length black leather boots.

What are Wallis best for?  Affordable luxury petite designer work wear for women ranging from XS (extra small) to size 20.

So if you are petite, which most retailers class as under 5 feet 3 inches tall, as one of the companies that make petite clothes you will find some wonderful dresses, jackets and blazers, trousers, petite designer work wear for women and much more.

All you will need to make up that perfect petite outfit whether it is for work or play.

  • Petite jackets and blazers for women

The good thing about their petite range of clothes for women is that it is designed to fit the smaller lady`s figure and is not just a scaled down version of the medium or large size.

What does this mean? Well it means you get a perfectly fitting fashion item each time.

What you won`t find at Wallis:  Wallis don`t have a lingerie range so if you are on the look out for luxury lingerie brands, simply click here.

What they say:  Shop for luxury yet affordable UK women’s fashion brands .

Starting out in 2003, their fashions are aimed at the stylish women who knows what she is about with her career, her home life and her social life.

A petite blonde haired lady wearing a Black and white check woolen skirt with button fasteners.

Simple and yet so stylish, this black and white petite woolen skirt is set of beautifully with a black polo neck wool top.

A typical Wallis customer is very similar to all our other customers, it is a lady who is confident and comfortable with her life and wants to show this by wearing classy, high quality fashions but without breaking the bank. After all, one can`t spend all ones money on fashion, there are holidays and things like that!

What abiento says: Their website is brilliant to browse around. Simple to use and everything is logically laid out for you to shop in the comfort of your home, office or whilst out and about travelling.

womens biker jackets petite size

Give your wardrobe the edge this year with a stunning petite size biker jacket in black leather with ruched features to the lapels.

The Wallis and abiento woman is a get up and go person who knows the styles that suit her and her busy lifestyle.

We really love their petite range of clothes for women with some amazing petite occasion wear like the Burnt orange V-neck lace dress that sits just above the knee and will be a great investment piece for your evening wear wardrobe.

Wallis Featured Products:

Take  a look at this range of gorgeous petite size blazers, leather biker jackets and a whole range of high heel court shoes that will make a superb edgy outfit.

  • high heel court shoes with ankle straps, black open toe suede high heels

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