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What are Van Mildert best for? With a choice of over 150 styles of designer shoes and boots for women, we recommend Van Mildert to customers if they are looking to re-model their footwear style this season.

Quick tip from abiento: Leather soled shoes and boots can be very slippery when the floor is wet.

We recommend you budget to have your leather soled footwear professionally fitted with some rubber soles – someone like Timpsons who can be found around most large supermarkets so you can get your footwear sorted whilst you do your weekly shop.

These are quick to have done and don`t cost a lot of money but will keep you safe when walking in wet weather or on a wet floor.

This image shows both sides of the Michael Michael Kors Turner Harness Ankle Boots. It allows you to see the buckle detail on one side and on the other side is a full length gold zip. The boots are shiny black leather with a block shaped heel about 2 inches high.

These Michael Michael Kors Turner Harness Ankle Boots are sure to turn heads and being fully waterproof, will look brilliant no matter what the British weather brings.

Since we are on the subject of leather soled boots. A striking example are the Michael Michael Kors Turner Harness Ankle Boots made from luscious polished black leather with superb buckle detailing. These boots are sure to make a statement about you wherever you wear them.

An image of the sporty looking Ugg Taya Low Top Trainers. These are not for sport but make a great casual shoe for occasions like meeting friends or a walk in the park .

Thought UGG only made boots? Think again. These Ugg Taya Low Top Trainers will look amazing worn with a pair of black cotton shorts and a simple white V-neck cotton T-Shirt.

Lots of people think UGG only make boots but you may be surprised at the range of styles they actually produce.

So if you are a fan of UGG boots, you will be thrilled to know you can also buy UGG shoes, sandals with wedge heels, UGG Taya Low Top Trainers and delicately styled moccasins.

Image of a pair of beige suede Ugg Cicily Moccasin Shoes.

Ugg offer a beautiful range of Moccasin style footwear. We think you will love these Ugg Cicily Moccasin Shoes. Why not take a look and let us know what you think?

Moccasins are a great alternative to a flat ballerina shoe and are an ideal choice for use around the house or as a guaranteed comfortable shoe to take on holiday for those long walks along the beach.

There is always an incredible range of designers showcasing their wares so no matter what the occasion is, you will find that perfect pair of shoes or boots.

What you won`t find at Van Mildert: A trip to their website is never wasted as you can pick up all the usual coats, jackets and trousers to make up a good outfit but they don`t have any lingerie to choose from so we suggest you stick to buying your designer footwear from this retailer.

What they say: Established in 1996 in Durham in the UK they started as a shop selling women`s and men`s clothes.

Shop for Moccasins which are a great alternative to a flat ballerina shoe

What abiento says: Abiento is all about giving you choice, value and a great shopping experience. We have brought together what we feel is the finest selection of UK based retailers for you to browse through to give you the best possible ideas on how to make up a perfect outfit or just an addition to an existing one.

We have partnered with Van Mildert as like our other favourite designer shoe store Moda In Pelle, they give you a wonderful selection of designer footwear.

Featured Products:

We have chosen the following shoes and sandals from top designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Armani Jeans.

  • Vivienne Westwood X Melissa Divine Orb in Nude

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