Top Holiday Fashions

Top Holiday fashions

It`s May 13th and holiday season is fast approaching so we thought we would show you some of our Top Holiday Fashions.

We all get excited when we start looking for where to go on holiday especially when we finally make the booking but we also know how many of us get excited about for example, what is the best thing to wear on Spanish holiday?

Your destination will have a huge effect on what clothes you buy and take on holiday.

For instance, if you are going on holiday to the Maldives where the activities are mainly sun bathing and snorkeling, you will probably only need a range of swim suits, maybe a sun hat and two or three nice dresses or trousers for the evening.

High heel court shoes are out so comfortable sandals should be your choice here.

Now it`s a different story if you are going to the south coast of Spain.

Here you will still need a great looking bikini or all in one swim suit but the cosmopolitan atmosphere of places like Malaga mean you will need a more extensive holiday wardrobe with a variety of outfits to suit day and evening wear.

The Fashion Bible are currently offering some fantastic deals on holiday fashions at prices that will mean you have more money to spend on your holiday.

And we think their range of low cost swimwear for women is of particular interest due to the wide range of styles and colours so you are sure to find something that you like.

Black sequin bikini

Now it is obviously your choice how much you spend but we recommend not spending too much on your outfits.

By all means buy smart looking clothes but remember, on holiday, there will be sun tan lotion potentially getting on your outfits, drinks being spilled on you in bars and night clubs and smoking is still allowed in most places abroad so there is  a chance you may get a cigarette burn in one of your outfits.

So we say, go low cost for your top holiday fashions, you can always get some more next year.

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