Designer Wrist watches For Women


What are Storm best for? Although they do sell other products, we think Storm are best for Nickel Free Designer Wrist watches For Women.

If you are looking for a modern wrist watch or jewellery but with a bit of a quirky look and is Nickel-free, then this is the place to shop.

  • Designer Nickel Free Watches For Women

More and more people appear to suffer from Nickel allergies.

You may not even be aware of it but if you find that you get a red, itchy patch or inflammation on your wrist when you wear your watch or around your neck when you wear a necklace it is most likely you will need a Nickel-free watch or jewellery.

Now the good thing about Storm watches and Jewellery is that all their products conform to strict European standards for nickel safe products so if you are allergic to Nickel, you can safely wear any of their watches or jewellery.

ladies scratch resistant designer watches - nickel free

New watch designs are always being introduced so you will always be on trend and on time. Don`t forget, all watches are Nickel free.

You may be mistaken in thinking that because our Designer Wrist watches For Women have had to conform to strict allergy standards that the choice of designs is restricted. Not at all.

You can shop a whole range of watches varying from slim delicate link straps to chunky metallic style wrist straps and the final icing on the cake is that all these designer watches come with free delivery.

What you won`t find at Storm:  Their main product line is excellent watches for women and men but such was the demand, they have branched out and also supply a clothing, lingerie and jewellery range.

What they say: Proud to be British, they supply cutting edge designer watches and jewellery for women and men. Look to buy both classic vintage style watches as well as the latest on trend designs.

Nickel free necklaces for women

Give your outfit that perfect finishing touch with a Nickel free necklace. Guaranteed not to give you an itchy rash on your skin.

Using novel manufacturing techniques they produce some of the finest Nickel-Free watches and jewellery along with Ceramic watches, Titanium watches and scratch resistant waterproof watches.

What abiento says:  STORM gets our nod of approval because we know the hassle Nickel allergies can give our customers. Why other suppliers don`t take it as serious as Storm do we will never know but the good thing is, you now know where to shop for top quality women`s wrist watches that are free from that pesky Nickel.

No more itchy wrists or embarrassing rashes around your neck, just beautiful, striking and most of all, affordable hypo-allergenic designer watches and jewellery accessories for women.

ladies scratch resistant nickel free designer watches

A silver watch bracelet is very versatile and will match most outfit colours.

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