Quick dry womens swimsuit

Are you looking to buy a quick dry womens swimsuit?

Best fast drying DD swimwear for women

The summer holiday season will be upon us before we know it and let`s face it, the last thing you want is to have wear a swimsuit that takes hours to dry.

A quick dry womens swimsuit is much more comfortable.

So when you have been in the sea or the swimming pool, you can be assured that in less than 15 minutes, your swimsuit will be nice and dry and will not be rubbing against your skin.

Gardenia flowered fast drying bikini top

But what do you look for when trying to buy the fastest drying swimsuit material ?

Here are our top six tips when buying a Quick dry womens swimsuit.

  • First one is obvious but look for “quick drying swimsuit” in the product description.
  • Thicker toweling type materials will hold moisture for much longer so avoid heavy fabrics.
  • White or light colours reflect the sun`s heat so will take longer to dry out.
  • Black or dark colours absorb the sun`s heat much better so your swimsuit will dry much faster either on the washing line or whilst you are sunbathing.
  • Go for a bikini or tankini style rather than a full swimsuit. The lower the fabric area, the lower the moisture content.
  • Try taking two swimsuits on holiday! They don`t weigh much so you can have one to wear and one drying out.

Quick dry womens swmsuit

So don`t get all uncomfortable this summer holiday, make sure you buy swimwear that dries out fast!

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