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Multi strap loop back bra in black lace
Multi strap loop back bra

At abiento fashions, we love to bring our customers new and exciting clothes, boots, shoes, coats, jackets and lingerie for women including a choice of niche fashions for women.

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What do we mean by niche fashions for women?

Well we are actively on the look out for stores that bring something a little bit different to the party or maybe stores that are off the beaten track that you have never heard of before.

You know what its like when you go to the shopping malls, same stores, same clothes you could be in London, Manchester or Edinburgh and you wouldn`t know it by the stores that are available to you.

Sanella T-neck Dress
Sanella T-neck Dress

English girl kimonos for women

Shop the exciting English Girl range of clothes for women

Wouldn`t you like to choose your next outfit knowing that the odds of someone else wearing the same thing are similar to winning the lottery?

So over the coming months, abiento is on a mission to seek out these store for you so you can shop them online from the comfort of your own home, office or on the bus.

If you are interested in London market fashions for women then you will be thrilled with what we are going to tell you.

Our first store we have selected for you is Preta Portobello. They offer a brilliant range of glitzy on the edge clothing styles that can only be found on the stalls of London`s Markets.

It`s like shopping on the stalls themselves and you can even haggle on the price all without the hassle of travelling to London to do it.



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