Natural Collection Eco-friendly fashions for women

We all love to try and do our bit for the environment, so if you are looking to buy Eco-friendly fashions for women, then you will love shopping at Abiento and Natural Collection.

Eco-friendly fashions for women

Designed from the off to be kind to the planet and all its creatures, Natural Collection`s Eco-friendly fashions for women are not only organic and kind to the planet, they are superb quality as well.

Trading since 1999, they are one of the top Fair trade companies who are devoted to stylish fashions for women and they have an amazing choice of eco-friendly clothes along with a stunning range of household products.

Abiento is a firm supporter of fair trade and believe that the products made should deliver benefit to all not just the few so when you buy through Abiento and Natural Collection, you are supporting the people who make the products and ensure they get a good and fair deal.

Best Fair trade clothes for women. Shop at abiento for your eco-friendly, organic and fair trade fashions for women

So not only are you being kind to the planet, you and your house will look stunning as well.

Well, what Eco-friendly fashions for women should you be looking to buy?

If you love walking and hiking in the fresh air and want an eco-friendly backpack then the Patagonia Arbor Daypack has to be at the top of your list.

Patagonia Arbor daypack 26 litre

With a massive 26 litre capacity this waterproof eco-friendly backpack is made from recycled plastic and even has a a special flap to hold a lap top up to 15 inch in size.

Patagonia is a company dedicated to the planet and donate 1% of their annual revenue to the environment.

With a 5 star review rating and coming in at £59.95 this back pack is available in three colours so you can look super cool and save the planet as well!

One of our favourite styles for this summer is the flowered sun dress and this particular one from Thought is in our opinion one of the most beautiful and most feminine one we have seen.

Thought Voyage De Jeanne Dress. This is sure to be a hit summer dress this year

The Thought Voyage De Jeanne Dress looks fantastic doesn`t it.

But what makes it even more special is it is made from renewable wood cellulose, how smart is that?

One thing that isn`t wooden about this dress is the style and fit. 

Designed to be a  shirt style dress, the stunning flower design has an adjustable front fastening that makes for one of the best looking summer dresses this year.

These are just a couple of our favourite Eco-friendly fashions for women but their are many more to choose from.