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Shop 6 inch heel leopard skin court shoes

What are Moda in Pelle best for?  Fantastic footwear for women. Think stylish shoes, boots and sandals. Don`t forget to also check out our other designer footwear for women stores.

They sell handbags and shoe accessories as well, but you really must take a look at their fabulous selection of high heel court shoes, over the knee boots and gladiator leather strap sandals.

Low heel gladiator sandals

Perfect for holidays or cocktail parties, see what a pair of gladiator sandals can do for your look this year

Its always a good thing not to rush into buying your shoes or boots without a bit of thought before you click the buy button.

Think, what do I really need from my new footwear and do I need any accessories to go with them?

What accessories do I need for my new footwear we hear you ask. Well think about it for moment.

If you choose a pair of cut out suede court shoes, they will look fantastic when you open the box for the first time, but what happens when you wear them and it`s raining and they get wet?

For suede type fabrics you will need to budget for a protecting spray so your new shoes keep their original finish.

We would recommend one of the instant shoe protecting sprays but make sure you try it on an inconspicuous area first just in case it reacts with the suede.

They are very easy to apply, just make sure firstly, that you are going to keep your new purchase and secondly, you apply it before using your shoes so there is no rain damage already on the suede.

Use in a well ventilated area, we tend to just do it in the garden and apply a light even coat over the whole shoe paying particular attention to the welt area. This is where the shoe meets the sole and heel and is where water can creep in and spoil the look of your suede shoes.

Leave to dry for about 10 minutes then give another light coat, allow 30 minutes to dry and your new shoes are good to go no matter what the weather.

You will be able to tell they are protected as you will see the water forms tiny beads on your shoes a bit like when you have waxed you car. This shows the water is not wetting your shoes.

As abiento is all about giving you choice, if you don`t find the exact pair of shoes you are looking for and your budget is a little bit bigger, please take a look at Ted Baker range of shoes for women who also specialise in these styles but are in the higher price range.

What you won`t find at Moda in Pelle:  Clothes such as coats and jackets and lingerie. Moda in Pelle are footwear for women specialists and are really rather good at it.

What they say: Affordable luxury foot wear for ladies with an eye for detail.

floral high heel court shoes

Step out in style with a pair of high heel court shoes

What abiento says:  

We could fall into the world of Moda in Pelle everyday if we could because we love shoes and boots just like they do, and my how it shows.

The amount of choice is staggering and we are afraid if you can`t find the perfect pair of shoes, boots or sandals here, then there is no hope for you.

There is every conceivable colour, thin straps,wide straps, straps with buckles, straps with glitzy clips, 4 inch heel court shoes, knee length leather boots, calf length suede boots, are you beginning to get the picture girls?

They go to the nth degree to make sure their footwear quality is perfect so before you start looking anywhere else for your new footwear, check these guys out.

 Moda in Pelle Featured Products:

We think you will love these leather riding boots from Moda in Pelle. Waterproof and stylish. What`s not to like?

knee length leather riding boots

Get the country style with some knee length leather riding boots

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