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evening and special occasion wear for women


What are Gorgeous Couture best for?  Evening and special occasion wear for women. They provide a superb choice of evening and special occasion wear for women.

If you require a luxury evening dress including options for a made to measure dress for that special night out or event, this is where you need to shop. One amazing addition is their evening maternity wear range so even mums to be can look absolutely stunning.

You can even speak to a personal designer for your new dress at Gorgeous Couture!

What you won`t find at Gorgeous Couture:

They specialise in high end, luxury evening dresses and jumpsuits so look elsewhere for other clothing styles, lingerie, swimwear, shoes and boots.

What they say:

Gorgeous Couture brand themselves very simply. They are THE supplier of luxury evening wear for women with their products showcased at Harrods of London.

What abiento says:

We partner them because we love the option to get your new evening wear made to measure at a much lower cost then commissioning a dress designer your self.

Evening wear of this standard is hard to come by from normal dress shops so we recommend them to our customers if it really is a special occasion as the prices are not the lowest but this is what you should expect to pay for this quality.

Having said that, we believe that it doesn`t matter if your new dress cost £10 or £1000, as long as you feel you have got value for money that is the important thing and the evening dresses from Gorgeous Couture give value for money.

The other thing we love is that they don`t neglect the fact that women at some point have children.

Now there is no need to just wear a big baggy smock dress to that special night out. Just take a look at the fantastic maternity evening wear range in our featured products below.

Gorgeous Couture Featured Products:


Off The Shoulder Maternity Evening Dresses

Just some examples of the fabulous Maternity Evening Dress Range

If you don`t find what you are looking for, try shopping the wonderful evening wear at Ariella

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