vibrant colours and top quality clothes for women

What are Boden best for? Think vibrant colours and top quality clothes for women and you won`t be disappointed when you visit Boden`s website or stores.

They cover everything you would need for all the family when it comes to pulling together that great new outfit so read our review of Boden below and decide if they are what you are looking for.

Images of a Pattened short skirt, Harriet Shift Dress in Red, Long Blue Boden Boyfriend Shirt, Embroidered Tie Waist Dress

If you want high quality fashions, Boden has to be on your shopping list.

What you won`t find at Boden. The only thing you won`t find at Boden is a lingerie range which is a little bit surprising to us considering their range of fashions they offer for all the family.

Boden offer quality fashions, so don`t expect to pick up low cost clothing or fashion accessories as this is not going to happen.

What they say:

Boden started trading in menswear in 1991, quickly adding women`s fashions a year later.

They offer only the highest quality clothing for all the family and make sure that they not only look after their customers, but their employees and the environment as well.

For example, their catalogues are made from recycled paper and they have sponsored the maintenance of 1300 acres of rain forest in Columbia and Ecuador.

What abiento says:

We partner with Boden because we know you like a brilliant choice of quality fashions for women but you also like to keep your families outfits on trend and Boden fit the bill when it comes to all round clothes, shoes and fashion accessories for women, men and the kids, even babies. 

Boden fit well with abiento`s philosophy of offering you a wide range of shopping choice, so we have partnered with the full spectrum of fashion retailers which means no matter what you are looking for and no matter how much you want to spend, you will find just the right style and price at

For us, Boden are at the top end of fashions for women, so we would recommend them if you are looking to buy, for instance, a dress that you will want to wear again and again which will maintain its quality for years to come.

Boden Featured Products:

We also love their petite range of clothes which aren`t just shortened versions of existing styles, they are specifically made in proportion to make sure the outfit looks stunning rather than a “cut and shut”.

Woven mix dress, blue and redc patterned dress and a sleeveless black dress from Boden`s petite range of clothes for women

Shop Boden`s Petite range, specifically designed for a smaller figure.


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