Abiento FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What does abiento do?

We showcase a variety of niche fashion and lingerie stores you can shop online and in one place and get great choice and variety.

2. Why does your website not show the small padlock in the browser?

The small green padlock in the browser just before the http…….denotes that there is added security because that particular website may either ask you for personal information or your credit card details.


We don`t ask or need any of this information so we do not need this added safety. You are completely safe to browse our website.

3. Who owns your website?

www.abiento.co.uk is a UK registered LLC. This stands for a Limited Liability Company. It is wholly run by British owners proud to showcase British and US fashions.

4. How old is your website?

Our website was formed in February 2012 so we are not really new kids on the block and we will be 5 years old in February.

5. Is the name abiento a registered trademark?

Yes abiento® is a UK registered trademark.

6. If I have a question after I have purchased a product who do I contact?

After purchase, your contract is with the retailer and not abiento®. Before purchase, we would love to hear from you with any questions. Just use our contact page.

7. Do you have Facebook, Twitter etc?

Yes we certainly do and this is where we put some of the best deals like free delivery codes or discount fashion and lingerie codes. We also have some great pictures on our Pinterest page for you to browse through.

abiento-pinterest- see beautiful fashion and lingerie images

If you have any questions not covered here, please contact us and we would be only too happy to give you the answer.